Chris Morris is a resident tattoo artist at Semper in Edinburgh city centre. Specialising in pop culture tattooing he loves bringing comic books, Disney, video games and anime into his work.  


This site will provide you with all the information you'll need to arrange booking your tattoo as well as details about the studio and the aftercare procedures. Please use the menus at the top of the page to navigate the site.

A selection of artwork is now available here:





Tattoos are priced as follows:

  • Day sessions are £500

  • Half day sessions are £300

  • Some tattoos may be priced differently on an individual basis and you will be advised of this during your correspondence. The minimum charge for any tattoo, regardless of size is £80.

Deposits are required for all bookings and dates cannot be held until one has been received.

  • All deposits are non-refundable. This is non-negotiable.

  • Deposits are £100 for all appointments, or the full price of the tattoo if below £100. 

  • If you need to reschedule your appointment your deposit can be transferred to your new appointment so long as 7 days notice is provided. If less than 7 days notice is given then the full amount of the deposit will be forfeited.

  • If you choose to cancel your appointment then the full amount of the deposit will be forfeited (If you can no longer attend your appointment, please still get in touch to let me know as soon as you can,  just as a courtesy).

  • If you are late without contacting me I will wait 1 hour  before cancelling your appointment, in which case you will forfeit your deposit. 

All deposits must be paid via Paypal to

It is important that all payments be sent as a "friends and family payment" to avoid unnecessary fees being charged. If you send with "Buyer Protection" there will be fees charged on my side and I will therefore have to add this cost to the final price of your tattoo.


The adjacent photo shows what your Paypal review page should look like before you send the deposit.



Semper is a professional and welcoming environment in the heart of Edinburgh city centre. Home to a number of experienced and high quality artists from a variety of backgrounds, you're sure to gain high level work and a find relaxed atmosphere during your tattoo.

Located in the Grassmarket at the foot of Edinburgh Castle, Semper is a short walk from both Edinburgh Haymarket and Waverley train stations, and accessible from Edinburgh airport via the tram link. There are also a number of bus stops in the vicinity providing links throughout the area.

(If you are booking in for a tattoo at a guest spot then please get in touch for details about the studio)



After the tattoo comes the most important part; the aftercare!

  • Your tattoo will be covered in a layer of DermalizePro at the end of your appointment. This should form a second skin across the tattoo and will ideally remain stuck to the area until it is removed in the shower. 

  • Leave the Dermalize on for the first two nights after your tattoo. When you wake up after the second night go into the shower and run the warm water across the Dermalize for around 5 minutes. This will warm the glue and make it easier to remove. 

  • Take a corner of the Dermalize and stretch a small section of the plastic to weaken the adhesive before peeling it back off of your tattoo. Continue this stretch and peel method until you have completely removed it from your tattoo.

  • Shower (no baths) under warm/hot water for about 10 minutes using Sorry Mom Body Wash, which can be purchased at the studio. Alternatively use an unscented hand wash like carex to thoroughly clean the area of any residue. Only use your hand to wash the area, no sponges etc.


  • Air dry the tattoo for around 30 minutes if possible, or pat dry with kitchen roll at a push. 

  • Once the area is completely dry apply a thin layer of Sorry Mom Tattoo Balm, which can be purchased at the studio.

  • It's important not to put too much lotion on the tattoo so only apply a thin layer, ensuring that the lotion is fully absorbed into the skin, allowing the tattoo to breathe and heal.

  • Repeat the above process morning and evening, with an extra application of Sorry Mom during the day required until fully healed, usually taking around 2 weeks in total. If you are unsure about your aftercare product please feel free to get in touch and ask. 


    Don't wrap the tattoo in cling film during the day, just wear loose fitting clothing and allow the tattoo to breathe as much as possible.



Please direct all enquiries and booking requests to:

IIf enquiring about a tattoo booking please include as much information as possible about what you're hoping to have done.

This should include an approximate size in inches/cm and a location on the body. 

Please also include a photo of the area you would like to be tattooed, ideally straight on while you are stood naturally so the skin isn't twisted. If you have any reference images which offer examples of what you'd like then please also attach these to the email.    


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