Before you come to the studio for you appointment we ask that you complete the two online release forms linked below. These forms are tattoo and Covid specific and are required before we can begin your appointment. 



Due to new restrictions implemented as a result of the pandemic we are no longer able to take cash payments for tattoos and ask instead that you transfer the remaining balance electronically. Please use the link below to find all the payment details needed.

To avoid there being any issues with payment we ask that the full balance of the amount is paid before you arrive for you appointment.

Standard day session rates are a total of £500 and half day sessions are a total of £300, both minus whatever amount you paid as a deposit. If you are unsure as to the amount you have left to pay, or you need to ask for the payment details, please get in contact with Chris and he will be happy to confirm everything for you.


Since returning from the lockdown there are a number of guidelines that we must follow in order to be allowed to operate. Some of these may be familiar to you already but some may be different to what you have been used to so please take a moment to familiarise yourself with them before attending the studio.

  • Only the person being tattooed is now allowed to attend the appointment. Unfortunately we cannot have friends/family sitting in alongside you. 

  • It is now mandatory to wear a face mask at all times while in the studio. Please bring your own to your appointment. 

  • Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment as we cannot have clients waiting inside the studio. 

  • Hand sanitising stations are located throughout the studio and you are encouraged to use them regularly during the day. 

  • Food cannot be consumed within the studio but we recommend bringing your own refreshments, especially for longer appointments, which can be consumed in the courtyard. 

  • There is strictly no smoking on the studio grounds, including on the courtyard outside the studio. If you step outside to smoke we kindly ask that you stand away from the studio. 

We appreciate you taking the time to read through and complete this list, and ask that once completed you contact Chris so that he can confirm that everything has been received and is correct. 

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you at Royal Gothic Studio. 


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